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  • Music in the Air

    Music in the Air

    Music was everywhere at the Woodstock Film Festival this year, and the sound was change. Among the five films featuring music, one of them made sure its message was heard loud and clear. Sounds Like a Revolution, directed by Canadian documentary filmmakers Summer Love and Jane Michener, focuses on protest music today that is represented,…

  • Filmmakers Going Green

    Filmmakers Going Green

    For the past 11 years, for a few days in October, film lovers flock to the small town of Woodstock in upstate New York, hoping to catch a glimpse of the reality of film making. It’s also a chance for people to possibly run into celebrities and to be the first to see new independent…

  • Rosendale Theatre Revisited

    Rosendale Theatre Revisited

    At first glance, there won’t seem to be anything different about Rosendale from any other quaint little upstate town, save for the historical Rosendale Theatre, which opened its doors more than 60 years ago in February 1949.