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  • My Test: Lauren Scrudato

    My Test: Lauren Scrudato

    Lauren Scrudato cooks for the first time by herself for 5 days during finals week. For members of Lisa Phillips’ Digital Storytelling class, finals week posed new opportunities for students to overcome personal challenges. With topics ranging from culinary efforts to athletic endeavors, students designed their exam using the art of film. Dan O’Regan challenges…

  • Well-being with Meaning: Eat this, Ya Turkey!

    Well-being with Meaning: Eat this, Ya Turkey!

    It’s always difficult to think “eat well, portion control” when it’s time to give thanks alongside the people you love. Plus, who wants to deprive themselves when faced with a table covered in your grandmother’s most delicious demonstration of Thanksgiving cooking? You’ve got to admit though, the most mouthwatering dishes are those placed to the…