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  • Drag: Culture, Community, Controversy

    Drag: Culture, Community, Controversy

    Edited by Tom Perpetua and Sebastian Rubino It’s a Saturday night in late February at Bangkok Café, a Thai restaurant in New Paltz, New York, where a drag show is underway. Strobe lights are flashing, the DJ is blasting top ten tracks and drag queens are making the crowd scream, “Yasss Queen!” One of the…

  • Reptiles From Around the World Visit New Paltz

    Reptiles From Around the World Visit New Paltz

    The SUNY New Paltz Biology Club was given an experience they will never forget. Reptiles from around the world were brought in by Tom Perpetua, a fourth-year journalism major at New Paltz, for an educational and hands-on experience. The animals were provided by Mark Perpetua’s Reptile Encounters, his father’s business that promotes education and conservation…

  • Encounter Reptiles from Around the Globe

    Encounter Reptiles from Around the Globe

    Edits: General: Why should we care about these reptiles? You could expand this into a more interesting story, such as the most endangered reptiles, most popular as pets, etc. Map description is a bit dry, try to expand more. Some grammatical errors within reptile sections, general clean up of grammar. American Alligator: “Alligators are among 23 species…