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  • Undiscovered New Paltz: Mexicali Blue

    Undiscovered New Paltz: Mexicali Blue

    A big pot of chicken tortilla soup bubbles away on one burner. Next to it, strips of steak sizzle over an open-flame grill. The back splash is terra cotta orange and a cheerful cobalt blue. Mexican pottery hangs on the walls and fresh pineapples stand next to rows of vinegary hot sauce. It’s the sort…

  • Chew On This: Taco-Belly

    Chew On This: Taco-Belly

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all food is created equal. New Paltz is a great town if you’re a foodie. There’s Thai, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Indian and the ubiquitous Italian Pizzeria. The problem with many of these restaurants is the price and minor inconvenience of a shirt and shoes policy. If…