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  • Walking Out of the Shadows

    Walking Out of the Shadows

    For his lighting design work on the set of the SUNY New Paltz production “Red Masquerade,” the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) recognized fourth-year student Mark Krasnov for his excellence at its annual conference for theatre industry professionals. At the USITT design expo in Kansas City, M.O., with 147 lighting design entries, Krasnov’s…

  • Academic Adderall Addiction

    Academic Adderall Addiction

    It’s midterm week at SUNY New Paltz and third-year student Sarah R. is feeling stressed out. She has to study for a test and write two five-page essays. She decides to illegally take Adderall, a prescription drug, to help her stay focused and complete her work efficiently. Adderall or “Addy’s” as referred to by students,…

  • Coffee Connoisseurs Critique

    Coffee Connoisseurs Critique

    With coffee shops on campus and around New Paltz, how does someone decide where to get their caffeine fix? A recent visit to five popular cafés revealed that the furthest walk from campus leads you to the best flavor and ambiance. Each shop was evaluated and rated based on coffee taste, customer service and overall…