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  • Screening the Local Movie Scene

    Screening the Local Movie Scene

    Despite the recession and wide availability of home movies, the art house film industry remains viable. Locally, there are several venues and even a new one being proposed. Within a half-hour drive from campus, there are four such venues to watch independent, foreign, rare and historic films. Upstate Films is a business that shows these…

  • Undiscovered New Paltz: Truss Bridge

    Undiscovered New Paltz: Truss Bridge

    The Springtown Truss Bridge is an enchanting place. The view of the Wallkill River from the bridge makes you feel like you are in one of those famous Hudson Valley River paintings from the 1800s. The river cuts through the temperate New Paltz forest. Trees curl over the river banks like eyelashes.  During the spring…

  • Rosendale Theatre Revisited

    Rosendale Theatre Revisited

    At first glance, there won’t seem to be anything different about Rosendale from any other quaint little upstate town, save for the historical Rosendale Theatre, which opened its doors more than 60 years ago in February 1949.