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  • K-Pop goes global: An Internet phenomenon

    K-Pop goes global: An Internet phenomenon

    By Jillian Nadiak Almost 6 million digital votes were cast from countries outside of Asia during the Mnet Asian Music Awards last year. “So I would say this is totally out of Korea and it’s getting bigger and bigger.” –Sebastian Kim, CJ E&M’s Vice President for Global Business during an interview on American media outlet, Bloomberg…

  • Farmers Suffer as a Result of Floods

    Farmers Suffer as a Result of Floods

    The farmers at the Brook Farm Project, located on 80 Gatehouse Road in New Paltz, are still trying recover from the devastating effects of hurricane Irene that occurred last month. The heavy rain and violent gusts from the tropical storm has caused the farm to lose many crops due to over saturation and fungal disease…

  • Flood Aid Raises $52K

    Flood Aid Raises $52K

    While New Paltz Flood Aid for farmers, families and first responders affected by Hurricane Irene already raised $30,000 from their kickoff event on Oct. 2, they increased this amount to more than $52,000 on Oct. 16 at their benefit concert in Hasbrouck Park. Although there has been an exceptional amount of support, Flood Aid must…