Tag: Racial Myths

  • Op-Ed: Jonathan Espinosa

    Op-Ed: Jonathan Espinosa

    A CALL TO SUNY NEW PALTZ: TOWARDS A STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENT OF RACIAL EQUITY This message is directed to the students and faculty of this college, and also its administrators who are delegated to implement and sustain a mission of “diversity.”[1] The same administration that has yet to admit that the twelve-year decline in the black…

  • Growing Up Privileged

    Growing Up Privileged

    I’m used to tokenism. I come from a small town. All throughout elementary school, I was the only person of color in my classes. In the entire school, including my brother and myself, there were about seven of us. I was used to all of my friends being white. It was normal to me. When…

  • I am ‘Other’

    I am ‘Other’

    I am ‘other.’ Being an individual with an equally divided ration of two separate identities, I am not alone as “other.” According to a 2010 Census Bureau report, 9 million people reported as identifying as more than one race. As a Colombian and Croatian, I fall into that 3 percent of the United States. I…