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  • Jana Bergere Dares to Care

    Jana Bergere Dares to Care

    Story by Liat Guvenc Edited and Packaged by Bridget Peschel On Sept. 20, Jana Bergere attended the SUNY New Paltz Climate Strike. The corners of her lips turned up into a smile when she looked past the podium to a sea of hundreds of people. A year ago, her heart would have been racing and her…

  • Which SUNY New Paltz Icon Are You?

    Have you ever wondered if you’re more like Gulliver or Boombox Kid? Find out by taking this quiz, created by the Little Rebellion’s own Paul Weyer. http://www.buzzfeed.com/paulm4aa54d59a/which-suny-new-paltz-icon-are-you-15v2o