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  • Vassar Hosts Public Service Hopefuls

    Vassar Hosts Public Service Hopefuls

    Students interested in a job with the government should have been at Vassar this past Wednesday.  The Mid-Hudson Career Consortium held its first Government/Public Service Career Fair at Vassar College on Wednesday, March 2.  With 18 organizations spread over the military, various federal agencies and local and state governments registered for the event, organizer Susan…

  • Professor Keeps History Alive

    Professor Keeps History Alive

    Summer beckoned. Twenty-seven students could hear it out the window, kicking at spring’s heels to move on. It was the last day of classes. The students’ final projects, printed out and punctured with a Swingline, were now in their professor’s black leather briefcase. For some, it was the last day of college. Ahead was vacation,…