Tag: New Paltz Students for Sustainable Agriculture

  • The Green Future of Farming

    The Green Future of Farming

    Students in Professor Lisa Phillips’ Literature of Journalism class were assigned to immerse themselves in the unfamiliar. Here’s what they found: Emily King, farm girl at heart accompanies the Sustainable Agriculture club at a local farm to see how non-farmers but passionate agricultural people handle farm life and what they believe about the future of…

  • Environmentalists Combat “Perfect Storm”

    Environmentalists Combat “Perfect Storm”

    Facing midterm elections that would eventually result in the resurgence of the Republican Party, environmentalists rallied at SUNY New Paltz on Wednesday, Oct. 27 to push for local and national reforms. Nearly 165 students, faculty and advocates assembled to demand an end to what they call unwarranted wars, unjust poverty and worldwide environmental abuse. The…