Tag: Natassia Donohue

  • Undiscovered New Paltz: Past the Art Party

    Undiscovered New Paltz: Past the Art Party

    Two signs on either side of the door of room 116 declare the room to be the “Digital Fabrication Lab.” On this particular afternoon, a dusty and dirty brick props the door open just a few inches, keeping some air circulating to leave just a hint of the acrid smell. Room 116, a vast corner…

  • Walking with the Dead

    Walking with the Dead

    A hollow screech rose from the bloody mass that was slowly moving past Bacchus Restaurant & Bar. There was a rumble as dozens of hands touched the window, leaving streaks behind. It was Friday, April 8 when zombies invaded New Paltz. A six-foot, burly, blood-covered man with a butcher’s apron loped along. Dragging a pipe and…