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  • Shedding Light on a Cause

    Shedding Light on a Cause

    Since 2003, Invisible Children, a non-profit organization based in California, has been raising awareness about human rights violations in Uganda. New Paltz students have done their part in supporting this group since 2008 when they started their own branch of Invisible Children on the college campus.

  • SA Prepares for Budget Season

    SA Prepares for Budget Season

    As the second half of the spring semester approaches, SUNY New Paltz clubs and organizations must prepare to meet deadlines to file for funding from the Student Association (SA). Acquiring money from SA is a process. Organizations will need to submit a budget request by March 22 for next year’s use. The SA Budget and…

  • Cleaner Plates, Less Waste

    Cleaner Plates, Less Waste

    On Sunday evenings, employees at Backstage Café at Parker Theater are required to discard all food not sold over the weekend. When the café closes at 6 p.m., shelves are cleared and containers of premade salads, sandwiches and pastries all go in the trash. Food waste on campus happens daily. Although Hasbrouck Dining Hall is…