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  • Ottaway Professor Talks Storytelling

    Ottaway Professor Talks Storytelling

    Great storytelling has the ability to motivate people to see the world in deeper, more meaningful ways. “Powerful storytelling can draw people closer together by helping people recognize others in their own hearts and eyes,” said John Larson, veteran broadcast journalist. Larson, the tenth James H. Ottaway Senior Professor of Journalism at SUNY New Paltz,…

  • Wikileaks: James Bond Meets Harlequin Romance

    Wikileaks: James Bond Meets Harlequin Romance

    “’The idea that truth is found on a deadline is absurd.  Have some humility!’ Ahahah, man, when you said that…” cackles the over-dressed yet under-shaven intellectual type, quoting from his pocket notebook. It was so new it practically had the wrapper still clinging to the fake leather. Quoting a journalism teacher to his face, cliché. …