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  • Hear Howard Good Read His Poem

    Howard Good, a digital media and journalism professor at SUNY New Paltz, gave a poetry reading with special guest Donald Lev at the Honors Center at SUNY New Paltz  Feb. 18.   Original video produced by the Little Rebellion.

  • Sales of Poetry by Howie Good Go To Food Bank of HV

    Sales of Poetry by Howie Good Go To Food Bank of HV

    SUNY New Paltz journalism professor, author, and poet Howie Good has published a new book of poetry entitled “Fugitive Pieces,” a collection of collage poems. All proceeds from the book (currently $15) go to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. The book is available online here.  

  • Wikileaks: James Bond Meets Harlequin Romance

    Wikileaks: James Bond Meets Harlequin Romance

    “’The idea that truth is found on a deadline is absurd.  Have some humility!’ Ahahah, man, when you said that…” cackles the over-dressed yet under-shaven intellectual type, quoting from his pocket notebook. It was so new it practically had the wrapper still clinging to the fake leather. Quoting a journalism teacher to his face, cliché. …

  • Media Ethics: Journalist Burn Out

    Media Ethics: Journalist Burn Out

    Online Journalists Burn Out Younger by Emily Atkin, Jackie Northacker, and Jenn Von Willer Students of Howard Good’s fall 2010 Media Ethics class explore the ethics of online journalists’ commitment to immediacy and their financial obligation to page views. They discuss the effects on both journalists and consumers using the Bok Model and the Society of…

  • Faculty Poets Present

    Faculty Poets Present

    The sixth season of Faculty Poets Present began Monday, Sept. 13 with readings by SUNY New Paltz professors Howie Good and Larry Carr. Students and teachers alike filled the seats of the Honors Center in SUNY New Paltz’s College Hall to experience the work of these accomplished professors and poets. Good has been widely published…