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  • Mulberry & Church Street Fire Destroys Home

    Mulberry & Church Street Fire Destroys Home

    New Paltz firefighters responded to a house fire on the corner of Mulberry St. and Church Street on Friday, Feb. 13, 2015. It took them about 40 minutes to get the blaze under control. The cause of the fire is currently unknown and two people escaped the house unhurt, according to officials. MulberryFire from The…

  • A Day in ‘RANGERSTOWN’

    A Day in ‘RANGERSTOWN’

    The Little Rebellion’s own Russell Hartman attended the New York Rangers home opener on October 12. A Day In ‘RANGERSTOWN’ by Russell Hartman on Exposure

  • Journalism Finds a Home

    Journalism Finds a Home

    The journalism program at SUNY New Paltz has never had its own department. This year, however, it’s secured its own spot in the new Digital Media and Journalism department (DMJ), and with it, journalism and digital media students may find new opportunities. There are three majors in the new department: digital media production, digital media…

  • Goodbye Small Town, U.S.A., Hello Big City

    Goodbye Small Town, U.S.A., Hello Big City

    Millennials, ages 18 to 29, have the greatest population in the U.S., approximately 46 million people. They are moving to cities for employment and adventure, and once they’ve had their fill, they are planning to settle in suburbs. Currently, Millennials are not buying cars or houses at the same rate as generations before them. “Brain…

  • You Can Go Home Again

    We left her standing at the curb.  As we drove away, my mother cried and stared at the shrinking shape of my sister in the rear view mirror. Lunch had been terrible that day.  I did everything I could to make Tess feel as guilty as possible for leaving me.  New Zealand is on the…

  • Bringing Home The Bacon

    My father’s arms are crossed, his shoulders erect. His 6 foot 4 inch body towers over the kitchen counter that creates a barrier between him and us. “Dad, this is Connor.” They don’t shake hands. I had spent the last hour and a half chewing my fingernails as we drove from New Paltz to Albany.…