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  • The Life of the “Gym Rat”

    The Life of the “Gym Rat”

    Students in Professor Lisa Phillips’ Literature of Journalism class were assigned to immerse themselves in the unfamiliar. Here’s what they found: Do you ever wonder about the allure of working out at the crack of dawn? Reporter Trish Mollo takes the sacrifice to learn what drives early morning “gym rat” culture and finds some enlightenment…

  • How to Stay Fit in College

    How to Stay Fit in College

    From wing nights at McGillicuddy’s to Happy Hour at P&G’s, SUNY New Paltz students face tons of temptations that can lead to unwanted weight gain. With classes, after school clubs and going to work, it’s often a mystery how college students can find time to stay in shape. Luckily, SUNY New Paltz offers tons of…