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  • Chew On This: Pizza

    Chew On This: Pizza

    It’s tough for a pizzeria to make it in this town. Or maybe it isn’t so tough, seeing as we already have hundreds of pizzerias. A few of them are right there in the glamour and lights of the bar scene, a la Fat Bob’s or Gourmet. Others are slightly hidden, tucked away in their…

  • Chew On This: Hit or Miss—Hasbrouck Dining Hall

    Chew On This: Hit or Miss—Hasbrouck Dining Hall

    On any given day on campus there are a few places to eat. You can eat at Jazzman’s, the Hawk’s Nest, the Hawk’s Street Station, or Hasbrouck Dining Hall. Of all of these places Hasbrouck is the only cafeteria-style location. Over the last four years, I have eaten there several times. However, Hasbrouck is not…

  • Chew On This: Taco-Belly

    Chew On This: Taco-Belly

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all food is created equal. New Paltz is a great town if you’re a foodie. There’s Thai, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Indian and the ubiquitous Italian Pizzeria. The problem with many of these restaurants is the price and minor inconvenience of a shirt and shoes policy. If…