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  • Work Boots and Sundresses

    Work Boots and Sundresses

    Three flights of spiral stairs lead to Delaney Taliaferro’s apartment in Kingston. A walk-in closet faces the entryway, its door swinging into the kitchen adjacent. Blazers, blouses and dresses hang color coordinated; high heels and work boots line the floor and walls. A sewing machine is tucked into the corner beneath the window. Laney’s lived…

  • Farming: The “Invisible Economy” in the Hudson Valley

    Farming: The “Invisible Economy” in the Hudson Valley

    Local farms are recognized as a staple for the Hudson Valley. Since the region is often associated with the taste of freshly picked September apples and cider stands, many say that the local farms in region produce food with a flavor and richness that packaged produce simply can’t offer. The Hudson Valley is commonly referred…