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  • Crochet The Easy Way

    Crochet The Easy Way

    Holidays are upon us, and with them comes a commercialized pressure to give the best gifts. This season, rather than toil over what to buy for loved ones or that I-have-to-get-you-something-or-this-will-be-awkward person, you can learn to crochet the easy way and give a homemade scarf to all. Before you roll your eyes and grumble, “Yeah,…

  • New Paltz Students Showcase Fall Fashion Statements

    New Paltz Students Showcase Fall Fashion Statements

    When it comes to self-expression, New Paltz students tend to have no inhibitions. With fall weather upon us, these fashionable students showcase their favorite looks for class, coffee dates, concerts and everything in between! 1. Trendy Thrifter Alannah Giannino With a bald head comes a lot of attention, and Alannah definitely masters how to use…