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  • Sound Off: Humans Vs. Zombies

    Sound Off: Humans Vs. Zombies

    Moderators of the Humans vs. Zombies club at SUNY New Paltz, Rachel Altvater, third-year creative writing major, Dexter Pabulayan, third-year disaster studies major and Nate Krantz, third-year computer science major, discuss how a game of tag brings people together by having fun. Humans vs Zombies by littlerebellion Click here to read more about the Humans vs…

  • Ottaway Professor Talks Storytelling

    Ottaway Professor Talks Storytelling

    Great storytelling has the ability to motivate people to see the world in deeper, more meaningful ways. “Powerful storytelling can draw people closer together by helping people recognize others in their own hearts and eyes,” said John Larson, veteran broadcast journalist. Larson, the tenth James H. Ottaway Senior Professor of Journalism at SUNY New Paltz,…

  • Video Remix: A Student Television Show

    Video Remix: A Student Television Show

    Video Remix is a student created television show that celebrates the creative spirit of SUNY New Paltz students by broadcasting a variety of video material to inform and entertain the public.  The idea for the show came from Communication and Media department Professor Dan Labbato. “Students should be able to have their own TV show,”…

  • Man vs. Machine: IBM’s Supercomputer

    Man vs. Machine: IBM’s Supercomputer

    A couple dozen people gathered in the Student Union Feb. 15 to watch the second televised showdown of man vs. machine onJeopardy!. IBM’s latest technological advancement, a supercomputer named Watson, was again pitted against human opponents.  Watson emerged triumphant against its competitors, Jeopardy’s greatest champions, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.  After the three day contest, Watson won the $1…

  • Infectious Game Swarms Campus

    Infectious Game Swarms Campus

    Dexter Pabulayan has an infectious craving for human flesh. Not literally though. Pabulayan is one of the bandana-wearing, Nerf blaster-armed students, creeping and running around campus playing Human vs. Zombies (HvZ). “It’s basically a glorified and addictive game of tag,” said Pabulayan, a third-year student and president of HvZ at New Paltz. “The whole objective…

  • 1 in 8,000: Voices of New Paltz

    1 in 8,000: Voices of New Paltz

    SUNY New Paltz is an interesting place. People come into it expecting peace-loving, tofu-eating vegans, or maybe even pot-smoking tie-dye wearing hippies. But these are only assumptions. New Paltz is an eclectic, comfortable, thriving town to which all kinds of people flock from every type of place imaginable. New Paltz is a place to pursue…

  • Student Profile: The Artist Reconsiders

    Student Profile: The Artist Reconsiders

    Nathan Ganio graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting in 2001 and is now pursuing a second undergraduate degree to become a math teacher.