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  • Carden’s Capitol Corner: Client 9’s Comeback

    Carden’s Capitol Corner: Client 9’s Comeback

    It’s hard for me to fathom that this March marks three years since former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, amid a scathing prostitution scandal, resigned from office. After all, since his stepping-down, we’ve been treated to two new governors, not to mention the exhausting 2008 presidential race and the recent 2010 midterm elections. I feel like…

  • Spitzer Speaks On Campus

    Spitzer Speaks On Campus

    Students and professors at SUNY New Paltz flocked to hear the now infamous former Gov. Eliot Spitzer speak about New York’s financial meltdown on March 11. More than 350 students and faculty members attended the event, eager to catch a glimpse of the ex-governor who made headlines after a prostitution scandal in 2008. After an…

  • Big Brother is Watching: Watch Back

    Big Brother is Watching: Watch Back

    There are so many other things going on in life, like school, work or what’s going to happen next on “Lost.” Who has time to listen to a bunch of bloated politicians when you’ve got papers due and bills to pay? Who needs to pay attention to state government? We do. The politicians that make…