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  • Dissecting Inequality with Donna Goodman

    Dissecting Inequality with Donna Goodman

    The HawkTalk is a TED inspired program. Each semester the TV Studio Production students choose an issue or topic that they are concerned about and then they invite four speaker to come to the studio to share their experience or research on the subject which culminates in a 32 minute program with diverse perspectives. Produced…

  • Middle East Lecture Spurs Activism

    Middle East Lecture Spurs Activism

      Over 100 people gathered in Lecture Center 102 on March 15 to hear a discussion on the recent  uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, and how Americans can be inspired by them to make changes in their own governments. The panel members voiced concern over the lack of involvement of citizens in activism. Jack…

  • Environmentalists Combat “Perfect Storm”

    Environmentalists Combat “Perfect Storm”

    Facing midterm elections that would eventually result in the resurgence of the Republican Party, environmentalists rallied at SUNY New Paltz on Wednesday, Oct. 27 to push for local and national reforms. Nearly 165 students, faculty and advocates assembled to demand an end to what they call unwarranted wars, unjust poverty and worldwide environmental abuse. The…