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  • Work Boots and Sundresses

    Work Boots and Sundresses

    Three flights of spiral stairs lead to Delaney Taliaferro’s apartment in Kingston. A walk-in closet faces the entryway, its door swinging into the kitchen adjacent. Blazers, blouses and dresses hang color coordinated; high heels and work boots line the floor and walls. A sewing machine is tucked into the corner beneath the window. Laney’s lived…

  • Farmers Suffer as a Result of Floods

    Farmers Suffer as a Result of Floods

    The farmers at the Brook Farm Project, located on 80 Gatehouse Road in New Paltz, are still trying recover from the devastating effects of hurricane Irene that occurred last month. The heavy rain and violent gusts from the tropical storm has caused the farm to lose many crops due to over saturation and fungal disease…