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  • British Rocker Graham Parker Visits New Paltz

    British Rocker Graham Parker Visits New Paltz

    By next year, he may be remembered as the guy who got to stare down Megan Fox’s shirt in Judd Apatow’s upcoming movie This is 40. But, for the Arts Writing class he visited at SUNY New Paltz March 6, Graham Parker will be known as the eccentric British rocker who plays the guitar and…

  • Sound Off: Astoria Tunnel

    Astoria Tunnel by kjones131 Underneath the bustling city streets of New York are a series of tunnels tying together the gas and electric supply for millions of homes and businesses. Katelyn Jones takes us on a tour of one of the largest tunnels, the Astoria Tunnel, a mile long pipeline below our feet.

  • Classroom Showdown

    Classroom Showdown

    “Attention professors of New Paltz: you really need to stop calling upon me when my hand is neither raised nor has it twitched since you walked in. I know that this stolid face of mine that you see looking in your general area through the obscurity of tapering eyelids looks like it has something interesting or…