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  • Four Clubs Vow To Promote Diversity On Campus

    Four Clubs Vow To Promote Diversity On Campus

    One of the ways college students can get involved on campus is by joining clubs. Clubs can be a way for students to meet others with similar interests and learn something new outside of the classroom. SUNY New Paltz has over 200 clubs on campus for all students. These clubs range from dance teams to…

  • Cougars vs. Cubs: Me-yow!

    Cougars vs. Cubs: Me-yow!

    If you were to look up the word “cougar” on Merriam-Webster.com, the result would be, “a large, powerful, tawny-brown cat.” But over the last few decades, the meaning of the term “cougar” has gone through a bit of a transition. Urbandictionary.com’s interpretation of the word is very different. The first definition that comes up is…