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  • Self To Stage

    Self To Stage

    Students in Professor Lisa Phillips’ Literature of Journalism class were assigned to immerse themselves in the unfamiliar. Here’s what they found: Maeve Allen watches puppets perform during a rehearsal of Avenue Q, where the theater department students express themselves through their characters. Connie Rotunda danced her way to the center of the classroom. The students…

  • Muppet Frenzy: “Fat Ram” Production, New Paltz Style

    Muppet Frenzy: “Fat Ram” Production, New Paltz Style

    A fuzzy, lively group of actors will be performing in SUNY New Paltz’s latest production. “Fat Ram,” a traditional medieval play, is getting a makeover by adding muppet-style puppets acted out by the cast, and is playing in McKenna Theatre from Wednesday Nov. 30 to Sunday Dec. 4. Incorporating puppets was the idea of director and SUNY…