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  • NY Seeks Solution to Student Stimulant Abuse

    NY Seeks Solution to Student Stimulant Abuse

    With the abuse of Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin and other stimulant medications on the rise among college students, government agencies, pharmacies and health insurance companies have turned to digital measures to clamp down on the availability of these drugs. However, while it may now be harder to get a prescription, there is still demand for black-market…

  • Academic Adderall Addiction

    Academic Adderall Addiction

    It’s midterm week at SUNY New Paltz and third-year student Sarah R. is feeling stressed out. She has to study for a test and write two five-page essays. She decides to illegally take Adderall, a prescription drug, to help her stay focused and complete her work efficiently. Adderall or “Addy’s” as referred to by students,…