Tag: Abandoned Buildings

  • Life in the van den Berg Hall Annex

    Life in the van den Berg Hall Annex

     The Mystery Admit it, we’ve all walked down the shadowy driveway between Old Main and van den Berg Hall and wondered what was inside the building next to it. Standing four stories tall with a rough brick exterior and some peeling white paint on the window panes, you begin to wonder what’s inside. Typical of…

  • Chasing Ghosts

    Chasing Ghosts

    After two hours on our Adirondacks road trip, with my best pal Joe’s Volkswagen Jetta having all but melted in the sweltering August sun, we decided to break from the congested Northway. Our detour has brought us to Gaslight Village, a small, abandoned theme park overlooking Lake George. N.Y. Setting foot in this ghost town was…