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  • Humans vs. Zombies Photo Essay

    Humans vs. Zombies Photo Essay

    Humans vs. Zombies is a live-action, often week long game played predominately on college campuses. The game was created in Fall 2005 at Goucher College by Chris Reed and Brad Sappington. Since its inception, it has expanded to many colleges across the country. Before the campuswide games of today, Humans vs. Zombies was brought to the SUNY New…

  • Let’s Heal: Photos from the Flag Planting Ceremony

    Let’s Heal: Photos from the Flag Planting Ceremony

    Photo’s by Justin Sarjeant.                

  • Boatload of Fun!

    Boatload of Fun!

    The New Paltz Regatta was held on May 1.  The event began with a parade to showcase the homemade boats participating in the race.  Following the parade, attendees enjoyed free music by Snowbear and The Trapps, as well as food, face painting and The Family of New Paltz Duck Race.  The race began shortly after along the Wallkill river.…

  • Actin’ A Phool!

    Actin’ A Phool!

    The Second Annual Phools Parade took place on April 16 in New Paltz. An eccentric march began at the New Paltz Middle School on Main Street and finished at Hasbrouck Park. The Phools Parade is a community event that invites adults and children of all ages to dress up and come together, celebrating the creative…

  • Quiet for a Cause

    Quiet for a Cause

    On Friday, April 15, a group of New Paltz students participated in Day of Silence, a protest in which those involved took a vow of silence to spread awareness about harassment and bullying in the LGBTQ community.  The protest took place in the Soujourner Truth Library lobby. Protesters held signs inviting passersby to comment on a…

  • Flood Rains Havoc on New Paltz

    Flood Rains Havoc on New Paltz

    March rains brought on high water in New Paltz bringing the town to a standstill.  Photo essay by Laura Cerrone [nggallery id=28]

  • The Budget Debate Rages

    The Budget Debate Rages

    The campus is buzzing with a budget debate which is sure to remain a hot topic all semester long. The budget cuts proposed by the SUNY New Paltz administration are poised to face intense opposition from students and faculty alike. On Tuesday, Feb. 22, SUNY New Paltz students are holding a forum to discuss the…

  • New Paltz Winter

    New Paltz Winter

    This winter, storms pummeled the SUNY New Paltz campus, blanketing the school grounds with a thick sheet of snow. Everything from benches to bicycles have been covered by the frozen white powder, which caused cancellation of classes on Feb. 1 and 2. [nggallery id=16]

  • Halloween Fever

    Halloween Fever

    All over town and on the SUNY campus, New Paltz residents are showing their holiday spirit. On store-fronts, sidewalks, and in dormitories, local business owners, residents, and students alike are decorating New Paltz with Halloween paraphernalia. Be it masks, ghosts, lights, skeletons, or jack-o-lanterns, Halloween fever is contagious and running rampant. And it seems that…

  • Renee Byer Says Goodbye

    Renee Byer Says Goodbye

    The white walls of Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art were perfectly lined with the framed work of Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, Renée C. Byer. Only the humming of the projector can be heard in the vacant gallery as she quietly prepares for her speech. As guests start to flood into the gallery the room echoed…

  • Artists at Work

    Artists at Work

    The School of Fine & Performing Arts at SUNY New Paltz consists of programs focusing on different artistic mediums. According to the department website, approximately 100 full and part-time faculty members teach nearly 800 student majors in various fields of study. Art students spend multiple hours per week in studios, crafting their work to reflect their individual perspectives.…