Author: Roberto Cruz

  • FAFSA Tax Info Goes Digital

    FAFSA Tax Info Goes Digital

    The era of the envelope is approaching extinction. Technology is clawing into nearly every facet of our lives, and paper documents are being replaced by a left click of a mouse or a touch on a Smartphone display. Nothing is safe from the switch—including the student financial aid process. The U.S. Department of Education announced…

  • TLR Fall 2011, a Semester in Review

    TLR, a Semester in Review on PhotoPeach

  • Students Educate and Speak Out against Racism

    In response to the racist sticker left on a water fountain in Humanities and several acts of prejudice in Lefevre Hall, students at SUNY New Paltz assembled in the Student Union (SU) on Thursday Nov. 17 to discuss the severity of the epithets, and their effects on the campus community. “Colored Only,” met in SU…

  • NPC Revives Childhood: Mario Kart Tourney Coverage

    NPC Revives Childhood: Mario Kart Tourney Coverage

    Saturday’s New Paltz Convention was a highly contest-driven gathering of the best gamers in New Paltz. The New Paltz Gaming Society brought their finest to take on students in a multifarious amount of games on nearly every new console and a few classical platforms. Saturday’s contests were highlighted by the Mario Kart for Wii tournament…

  • Literature of Journalism: Family

    Literature of Journalism: Family

    What does family mean to you? This was the question asked to the students of the Spring 2011 Literature of Journalism Class. In response, the class individually wrote first-person short stories documenting scenes of interaction between themselves and members of their families. The Literature of Journalism class analyzes the technique of writing journalism in the…

  • Flag Planting Ceremony Commemorates 9/11

    Flag Planting Ceremony Commemorates 9/11

      NEW PALTZ– Ten years ago, on the morning of Sept. 11, the United States fell victim to a series of terrorist attacks that killed and injured thousands. However, this number could have been far greater if it weren’t for the heroic men and women who arrived on the scene to help rescue survivors and…

  • Recession Profile: Kevin Pignatelli

    Recession Profile: Kevin Pignatelli

    Today, many college graduates have unique talents, and uncommon degrees find themselves lost as they begin their job hunt. They are searching for jobs that no longer exist. To make things worse, the looming fear of student loans haunts every graduate that hopes to find work in a field that our society deems unpractical. In 2009, Kevin Pignatelli…