Author: Quinn O’Callaghan

  • New Paltz’s Endowment is Noticeably Low

    New Paltz’s Endowment is Noticeably Low

    The trickle down effects doesn’t work when it comes to mid-sized state colleges. Students are not benefiting greatly from alumni and college-friend donations that have enriched larger state colleges and private universities. Officials blame the dip in endowment donations on both the great recession and fundamental changes in how college students pay for their education.…

  • Thift Shops Are Retro

    Thift Shops Are Retro

    Second-hand shopping is exploding, but at what cost? What’s old is new again. It’s one of the most kicked-around cliches of all time, and it’s as applicable now as it ever has been. Vinyl is back in Vogue, retro haircuts are back in and there was even a momentary Zubaz infatuation in 2013. It should…

  • A Reel Good Time

    A Reel Good Time

    The Cunneen-Hackett Center in Poughkeepsie played host to the first-ever Reel Entertainment student film festival on Saturday, March 2. According to Event Coordinator Nichole Fenichel-Hewitt, the festival drew over 100 entries from across the country. The list was narrowed down to 20 selections, several of which were local productions. “I really do think that we…