Author: Julia Jenkins

  • Long Winter Yields Mixed Bag for Local Farmers

    Long Winter Yields Mixed Bag for Local Farmers

    While we were all frustrated and freezing through the long and bitter cold winter, local apple farmers were dancing in their orchards. Despite the shoveling, shivering, and slipping we all experienced in the copious amounts of snow that seemed to just never stop piling up this winter, the bone-chilling temperatures have been the perfect conditions…

  • Local Coyotes Cause Concern

    Local Coyotes Cause Concern

    Co-existence with coyotes can get ugly. Coyote Ugly. Coyotes have become accustomed to living among humans in suburbia, frustrating locals with attacks on their pets and livestock. Although coyote attacks have been rare in the past,  recent events have raised concerns about the coyote’s numbers and their habituation with humans. “Coyotes are here to stay,…