Author: Jacqui Harvey

  • Happy Hooping

    Happy Hooping

    Exercise, Freedom, Happiness, Relaxation. All of these words can be used to describe hula-hooping. Despite the idea of hula-hooping being a children’s activity, it is a true art form, a practice and a great source for exercise. A study done in 2010 by the American Council on Exercise revealed that working out with a Hula-Hoop…

  • Craft Beer Industry on the Rise

    Craft Beer Industry on the Rise

    Many people can relate to Homer Simpson’s famous catchphrase “Mmm, beer,” and the statistics back up the claim that the beverage’s popularity is on the rise. In 1995, there were approximately 500 American breweries, including the major industrial operations like Anheuser-Busch and Miller. Today, there are more than 2,700 and another 1,700-plus in the planning…

  • Bacchus Brews Their Own Beers

    Bacchus Brews Their Own Beers

    Bacchus, a restaurant, bar, and billiard in the town of New Paltz, opened in 1974 and was named after the Roman God of Wine. Before Bacchus became what it is today, it went through a variety of changes ranging from a barbershop to a pornographic photography studio. It is now making the transition into a…