Author: Audrey Brand

  • The New Paltz Clean Sweep

    The New Paltz Clean Sweep

    There aren’t many things that motivate the average college student to get out of bed at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. However, the New Paltz Clean Sweep is an annual tradition that offers a sense of community, a great volunteer opportunity, and a feeling of accomplishment. The annual event in New Paltz is one of…

  • Fair Trade for Dummies

    Fair Trade for Dummies

      If you often find yourself in the organic foods section of your local grocery store or if you shop or eat at the majority of places in New Paltz and the Hudson Valley, you have probably come across the term “fair trade”. Many people associate the term strictly with organic food, but it can…

  • A Big Fracking Problem

    A Big Fracking Problem

    A panel of experts from SUNY New Paltz presented various perspectives on the process of hydraulic fracturing, and why they think it is a significant issue locally, nationally and globally at SUNY New Paltz March 1. Hydraulic fracturing, or “hydrofracking,” is a process by which natural fractures in sedimentary rock are diffused using pressurized fluid…