Author: Andrew Lief

  • Food Waste By The Numbers

    Food Waste By The Numbers

    Next time your unfinished egg sandwich and untouched banana gets thrown out in the dining hall, it may get composted and end up enriching the soil in a local garden. But students rarely think about what happens to food they toss out. Efforts to change that are underway, and the awareness is beginning to yield…

  • A Talk With New Paltz Athletic Trainer Bryan Lurie

    A Talk With New Paltz Athletic Trainer Bryan Lurie

    Bryan Lurie from The Little Rebellion on Vimeo. By Andrew Lief Bryan Lurie is currently in his second year as SUNY New Paltz’s head athletic trainer. In this role, Lurie oversees the health of the school’s 13 varsity athletic teams.

  • Alumni Profile: Sarah Bradshaw

    Alumni Profile: Sarah Bradshaw

    Sarah Bradshaw has been working at the Poughkeepsie Journal since 2003. She began as a business reporter, but received the title of investigative reporter last year. The Journal was the first job she took after graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a journalism degree.  The most important story that she has worked on was when she revealed that a local…