Author: Andrew Limbong

  • Recession Profile: Eric Hill

    Recession Profile: Eric Hill

    “Am I going to roll?” Eric Hill, 57, asks himself out loud every time he parks his truck on a slant. It’s a stick-shift, and he has no emergency brake. After he rocks back and forth in his seat to make sure it’s secure, he sometimes puts a piece of cinder block behind his tire. He’s…

  • Undiscovered New Paltz:The Dungeon

    Undiscovered New Paltz:The Dungeon

    Before Brian Dyroff can answer a question, he has to pull his earplugs out. With a pinch in each ear, he eases out two small purple pieces of foam, shaped like miniature grain silos. The earplugs go into a small plastic carrying case that he slips into his pocket. But he can’t talk yet. Passing…

  • Grimaldi’s Keeps Tradition, But There’s Spice to Their Slice

    Grimaldi’s Keeps Tradition, But There’s Spice to Their Slice

    Tradition is at the heart of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, a new restaurant in New Paltz specializing in coal brick-oven pizzas. Adam Monteverde, 26, from the Upstate New York area, co-owns the restaurant, which opened its doors on Aug. 2. The establishment itself is slickly decorated with a small touch of porcelain and a fully stocked liquor…