Author: Adam Shanks

  • Undiscovered New Paltz: Dressel Farms

    Undiscovered New Paltz: Dressel Farms

    Tall snow banks surround the roadside stand at Dressel Farms, on Route 208 in New Paltz.  It’s the middle of winter, and the usual fall flock of customers are shopping in the warmth and comfort of a supermarket, where the prices are low and temperatures are high. Their patrons are elsewhere, but the work never stops…

  • Congressman Hinchey Wins Re-election

    Congressman Hinchey Wins Re-election

    Hundreds gathered at the Holiday Inn in Kingston, N.Y., Tuesday night in support of Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-Hurley), who won re-election over his Republican opponent George Phillips, of Broome County, in New York state’s 22nd Congressional District. “I’m very interested in going back and fighting,” Hinchey said. Although all of the election results were not…