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“The Little Rebellion is an independent online digital publication produced by SUNY New Paltz students. We strive to be a creative platform for alternative news and viewpoints. We’ve grown into a multimedia experience that explores talent from our eclectic community. In our passion for telling stories, we embrace the culture of New Paltz and offer a fresh perspective. No agenda. No bias. Just a little rebellion now and then.”

Founder: Howard Good

Executive Editor: Nancy Heiz


Portrait of Nadine Cafaro
Portrait of Nadine Cafaro

Nadine Cafaro is a fourth-year journalism student with a strong fondness for editing, film fiction-writing and media. On top of being co-editor in chief of The Little Rebellion, she is also the arts and literature editor for The Teller, a SUNY New Paltz fine arts magazine. Cafaro interns in Albany for The Legislative Gazette, a political and policy driven publication. Outside of classes, she works part-time as a bartender and enjoys movies, Matcha and fashion. After receiving her undergraduate diploma in the spring, Cafaro plans to attend graduate school and later combine her interests of media and writing to fulfill her long-time passion for fiction.

“A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.” — Susan Sontag

Portrait of Annemarie Durkin
Portrait of Annemarie Durkin

Annemarie Durkin is a fourth-year journalism student with a particular passion for activism and human rights advocacy, as well as writing and editing. She is the head page editor for The Teller, an arts and literature focused magazine at SUNY New Paltz, as well as co-editor in chief of The Little Rebellion. Durkin is currently an intern at The Legislative Gazette, a newspaper focused on New York state politics and legislation. Beyond writing she enjoys vintage clothes, avocado rolls and curating the perfect playlist. Upon graduating in the spring she hopes to continue exploring her passion for media and writing by working as an editor for a creative publication. 

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” –Winston Churchill

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  1. Hey – so I’ve been raving about the Little Rebellion this semester – telling everyone that it’s essentially on the move to being pretty much it! One thing is sorely lacking, however – as far as I understand, there’s not yet been an article on New Paltz’s only all-faculty punk rock band – Questionable Authorities. It’s not too late do do an article ahead of our May 22, Graduation gig at Snugs! If interested, email me.

    Here’s the band’s facebook site:!/pages/Questionable-Authorities/79476773959?ref=ts

    And here’s the site for our Snugs Event:!/event.php?eid=121363691225771&ref=mf

    Hope to see you there!


  2. Thanks, Glenn! We appreciate the feedback! The newsroom is closed ’til next semester, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cover the band then. Please keep us informed of your gigs — we’ll put them on the calendar of events. (email to: Thanks! Nancy

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