Crochet The Easy Way

Holidays are upon us, and with them comes a commercialized pressure to give the best gifts. This season, rather than toil over what to buy for loved ones or that I-have-to-get-you-something-or-this-will-be-awkward person, you can learn to crochet the easy way and give a homemade scarf to all.

Before you roll your eyes and grumble, “Yeah, sure, easy for her,” stop. Learning a basic crochet stitch does not have to be daunting — in fact, it can be exciting! Once you have mastered the basics, there are hundreds of other stitches to learn and creativity is limitless.

Scarves are well suited for beginners, and look classic with the basic stitch that my tutorial will teach. Homemade scarves can be appreciated for their sentimental value; just think how happy someone will be when they realized you took your own precious time to make something special for them.









Crocheting has a solid presence on Instagram, and you can draw motivation before conquering your own project with help from these accounts:


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I’ve finally listed this #freeformcrochet sweater on etsy! I’ve been meaning to put it up forever #ofmars #freestylecrochet #crocheteveryday #crochet #artyoucanwear
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Playing with a border idea! Wanted to do something different in the corners.. Just made it all up as I went – pulling from different edgings that I’ve done in the past.. We’ll see if it sticks! #etsy #crochet #lace #grannysquare

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Now watch my tutorial and get started:

Crochet the Easy Way from SUNY New Paltz on Vimeo.

If you find that you can’t stop making scarves once you’ve started, I would suggest donating extras to your nearest homeless shelter to help keep those in need warm through the frigid New York winter.

Online resources for crochet supplies:
Etsy | Michaels | Walmart