How I Got to New Paltz: The DIY Applicant

The DIY Applicant
Produced by Zhen Wen Lin

Growing up in a house with little stability and constant struggle, Matthew D’Agostino longed for the day he would find a place he can call home. Being here at SUNY New Paltz has made him happier and at peace. However, the journey to New Paltz was not a smooth one as Matt basically motivated himself to get here. This is the story of Matthew and his journey

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The Survivor. Produced by Jaleesa Baulkman.
The Outsider. Produced by Mili Ali.
The Firefighter. Produced by Lauren Scrudato.
The Transfer Student. Produced by Kimberly Locke.
The Baseball Player. Produced by Brendan O’Keefe.
The Sculptor. Produced by Khynna Kuprian.
The Teacher. Produced by Julio Olivencia.