1 in 8,000: Voices of New Paltz

SUNY New Paltz is an interesting place. People come into it expecting peace-loving, tofu-eating vegans, or maybe even pot-smoking tie-dye wearing hippies. But these are only assumptions. New Paltz is an eclectic, comfortable, thriving town to which all kinds of people flock from every type of place imaginable. New Paltz is a place to pursue hobbies and dreams, whatever they may be. The profiles of these seven students demonstrate how diverse, intelligent and unpredictable SUNY New Paltz really is.

The Artist Reconsiders by Elise Combier-Kapel

The Dreamer: From Africa to New Paltz by Lorenn Kassel

The Driven Obsessor by Monica Hertz

The Musician by Adam Morelli

The Purple Belt by Dylan Gerrety

The Daughter by Kelsey Lang

The Single Mother: Nina’s Story by Sarah Fine