Well-being with Meaning: Taliaferro Farms

If you’re looking to eat well and support local farms, Taliaferro Farms has a wide of range organic products (fruits and veggies, freshly baked artisan breads, meat and dairy products, local honey and maple syrup), and is located just a short distance from Main Street in New Paltz. The lovely little farm is now open Thursday, Friday and Saturday to the public.

From Main Street, Taliaferro is only a 20 minute ride south, making biking a great way to exercise on your way. You can take the Rail Trail or Water Street to Plains Road. See map here.

On my trip to Taliaferro last Saturday, I bought a bundle of fresh basil, a loaf of their multi-grain health bread, 4 pounds of red and yellow heirloom tomatoes and a 1-pound jar of local honey, all for just $22! Although it may seem slightly more expensive than buying groceries at a supermarket, the quality of the items you will buy at Taliaferro Farms is well worth it.

Remember, the food market listens to the consumer. If you and your friends buy mostly organic and local foods, large farms that use pesticides, antibiotics and excessive amounts of energy will listen. Let them know you want smaller, healthier and more sustainable farms.

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