Main Street Money Troubles

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I look up and take my receipt and the crisp $20 bill. My bank account has now dwindled down to $63.47.

I walk across the parking lot and into my friend Dave’s car. Two college students away from home with no jobs results in diminishing bank accounts. We give each other the same dejected look and crumple our receipts.

“We need to pick up beer for tonight,” I say.

“There goes five more dollars,” Dave says as he sighs and turns into the beer distributor.

That $20 I had just a few moments ago has quickly turned into $15. We drive out of the beer distributor and back onto Main Street.

“I’m kind of hungry, Dave. We should get food before we start drinking,” I say.

Dave turns into the packed McDonalds parking lot.

I do my usual dollar menu routine at the drive-thru, trying to put together an excuse for a meal. My cash has now disintegrated to $9.76.

“All right, finally done. Nowhere else to go,” Dave says, ready to get down to some beer-drinking.

“Fuck.” I blurt out. I’ve just remembered I need to get a haircut tomorrow.

“What?” Dave asks.

Realizing I don’t have enough money, I say, “Back to the bank.”